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My experience has been developed with over 10 years’ direct experience in the Health and Fitness industry, celebrity trainer, and athletic trainer of the nationality team of NSW Australian Volleyball.


I like to immerse myself in knowledge and surround myself with like-minded strength coaches, physique coaches, professional athletes and doctors that challenge the norm of thinking in the athletic performance, physique and body composition world.


I was born with genetic foot disease. The tendons did not grow as well as the bones and the shins were rotated inward.

After undergoing surgery for 15 years, I managed to win this war.


According to doctors, playing sports would have been almost impossible. Instead, here I am stronger and more motivated than before.


If I succeeded in this venture, I can't find a reason why you can't reach your goals and overcome your obstacles!


My methodic combines the latest cutting edge scientific research with the “in the trenches” results of hundreds of my personal clients along with of course my own strength, hypertrophy and body composition experience that I’ve accumulated over all my life cause my disease practising what I preach.